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{/Girl bonding I missed. :)
5.25.2007 ( 3:48 PM )

Girl, put your records on.
Tell me your favorite song.

You go ahead let your hair down

Sapphire and faded jeans,
I hope you get your dreams.
Just go ahead let your hair down.

Hangouts with close high school friends have been really rare since I ventured into college, specially because my close friends went into schools different from mine. Our schedules just seemed to clash.

Summer came and passed (almost!) and we still haven't had a real get-together. Well, to cut things short, three girls decided to meet up yesterday afternoon: Tin, Faith, and me.
Fresh from the Cagayan de Oro nightlife, Faith had a craving for pizza. So instead of going to Mocha Blends Taytay as planned, we went to The Gate - this subtle foodstrip at Taytay with really nice and cheap food finds. Our first stop was at Pizzeria Volare - we had pizza, fries, and beer. We bluffed the waitress. Ssshhh.

It rained as we finished our meal, so we decided to go for some coffee. It turned out we were getting hot coffee. There's this neat coffee shop at again, The Gate, named Cofitarium. They had no customers that time (and I do mean NO customers) so the place was ours. We loved the ambiance, and of course, the coffee. I forgot what the two girls ordered but I got a French Vanilla Latte. 70 bucks. Ah, the cheap thrills of life.

But the most unforgettable about that afternoon was the company. It was just fun sitting there with them, laughing, talking, laughing some more. Of course boys were being dragged around our conversations - it's always fun talking about them whether positive or negative. Hahaha. We were so curious about Faith's budding love life as they were eager pressing for details about mine; and I was glad that Tin wasn't feeling so bitter about being single. Nor about not being able to make it to Diliman. That was bad, but feeling bitter about it would only make things worse.

We started making plans for an overnight pool party or a sleepover-slash-you know what, but as expected nothing really concrete came up. We exchanged news, tips, and gossip - how we didn't like this girl whom one of our friends were courting, stuff about school, which bars offer cheap drinks, and so on.

It was still raining when we left. Left with no choice (read: no umbrellas), we braved the rain. But it was fun.

I dunno if it was just the 5% alcohol working inside me, but my life in overall has just hit an all-time high. I just love what's going on with me now. :)
PS Faith paid for everything! We love you! (Not just because of the treats, of course.)

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{/Social Contract Theory. Only ours wasn't a contract.
5.21.2007 ( 4:05 PM )

Maybe what I did was just like the Social Contract Theory. Giving up a part of your freedom in exchange for something more. Something better.

May 19, Saturday (sorry the update's so late). My Socio prof told us that we could get an incentive if we watch and submit reaction papers about two short films to be shown at Freedom Bar. Saturday, 8PM. Many of the girls in my class were enthusiastic about the idea, but Saturday came and only four of us showed up. And I was with Paul, so that makes five of us. And we got there early despite the fact that none of us knew how to really get there.

Turns out it was a good idea since Ms Anna treated us to P150 worth of drinks, so we were able to budget that between the five of us. I wanted to go for cocktails, but they were just way pricey (a hundred bucks a shot! We should have gone to Drews). So I went for the beer too even if I wasn't a beer person. Masarap ang libre.

I had no idea that those two short films were really short. Like, fifteen minutes. They were also constructed in the indie film format (okay, I made that up). I mean those artsy types so intricate that you really need to work up your logic so you could understand. Worst part is, fifteen minutes is all that there is, so it really makes you hang on tenterhooks. You have to understand what this detail meant NOW or else you won't understand the rest of the film. So you can't blame me if that's the quality of my reaction paper. Ms Anna promised us full credits anyway.

There were live performances by rock bands in between. Most songs they played were in the line of hardcore so I didn't enjoy much. I only go so far as alternative, I'm not the metal type. Usually.

As the night went by (and turned into wee hours of the morning), I was just enjoying my company. However, Ada and Mitch took interest on the occupants of the table next to ours, so..there. I know you could imagine. Haha. Poor Ana, she must have felt so out of place.

Paul and I left for coffee at past 12, good thing SBC at Katipunan was still open.

Darn. I can't wait to get to this. We're official. :)

Social Contract Theory. Giving up part of my freedom in exchange for something better. I loved being single, it made me discover who I really was. It made me comfortable in my own skin. But then I feel he's worth saying goodbye to the single life for. And of course, worth risking my feelings for.

Only ours wasn't a contract. :) And now, there's just no holding back.
I'm feeling the pressure this early. But I know I could stand through it. :)

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{/After-school escapade.
5.18.2007 ( 8:53 PM )

Finally, summer class is over! This is probably the break I've been waiting for after how many sleepless nights.

We had the debate this morning (we chose that instead of a final exam). I'm just so glad it's over, it was so nerve-wracking. And of course the preparation was so stressing. I've been assigned to compile the paper containing all our arguments for the debate. Good thing I finished it. Though I hit the bed 2AM.

I did the conclusion part in the debate. I was so worried that I'd screw up in my speech but with the help of my really nice groupmates I was able to pull through. The prof also thought we put up a better stand than the other group.

And I might add, our "resident debater" (read: DebSoc member) was in that other group.

Hahaha. Do I sound so sunny today?

You wanna know why?

I'm not telling you. Hahaha.

Oops. I just remembered. It isn't really over yet. My prof told us to watch this film showing if we wanted to get an incentive. It's at Freedom Bar at Anonas tomorrow night.

Shoot. I hope the guards let me in. I'm sixteen, dude.

Anyway, that might be the night out my classmates and I have been waiting for. We've been planning to go to one as soon as classes end, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity. Do the partay-ing after watching the film.

Again, I hope I can get in.

Back to today. Paul and I chanced upon checking out the newly-opened TriNoma in QC, just across SM North. It was only on a soft opening (opened this Wednesday) so most of the shops are still closed. But you could tell it's a wickedly nice mall, specially when it gets in full swing.

The mall has many of those hard-to-find shops, including the really good staples: Mango, Zara, Birkenstocks, Crocs, Dorothy Perkins, Nike Women, Shoe Salon, Adidas, and lots more! They also have the Crossings Department Store - United Pop, Rocco, (X)SML..it's just heaven. And I know I forgot to mention a lot of other really nice shops we found. Ayala malls. Wow, really.

They've also got your staple fastfood chains - McDonald's, Jollibee, KFC. We had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. Service is fast, the food was delivered just as we found seats. Nice seats by the way. There's also the cool food court with lots of couches so people could just lounge there if they get tired roaming around. But the best dining experience would probably be at the mall's garden restos, a bunch of outdoor restos on the garden at the fourth floor. I can't wait to dine there when the restos are all open, preferably at night. It was just so charming, with all its water attractions and lush landscape architecture. Ooooh.

Of course I wouldn't like a mall if it didn't have an arcade. TriNoma boasts of its TimeZone, supposedly the flagship and largest Philippine location. But going there was rather disappointing, as it was just on a soft opening and there wasn't many games as I expected. (Biggest TimeZone, hello?!)

And I just need to include this - the comfort rooms are a labyrinth! The female one near the cinemas, at least. It had lots of cubicles (I should have counted!) and they were constructed in such a way that..argh, I can't explain. But I'm not kidding, it's like a maze. The sinks were cool though. But there was no hand dryer. Boo.

Aside from the still-closed cool shops, what kept us was the event at the activity center. Live performances by Sino Sikat?, Silent Sanctuary, and Up Dharma Down. First to perform was Sino Sikat?, which I didn't enjoy much. I wasn't interested in their genre and the vocalist looked a bit bitchy and looked like she had a nose job (sorry, I was being honest). Next in line was Silent Sanctuary. I just realized how great the mix of a violin, a cello, and a bass guitar is. The music gives you strong fits of mush, just like the way when you listen to the violin in a Yellowcard track. Oooh.

By the way, we weren't able to stick around to see Up Dharma Down play since it was already a bit late and I had to go home. Sigh. When will I ever see Armi Millare perform?

After TriNoma, we decided to have dinner. I just discovered something new - McDonald's milkshakes! Paul argued that McDo had these milkshakes a few weeks ago, but I told him they weren't available yet when I had lunch at the Philcoa branch just yesterday. Anyway, it's available in three different flavors - chocolate, strawberry, and..oops, I forgot. I had the chocolate milkshake while Paul ordered the strawberry one. [Check out the pic above.] I give it two thumbs up! :)

Well. That's about it for today. :)

PS I hope I can get this confusion out of my system.

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{/This goes to Punk'd!
5.17.2007 ( 8:59 PM )

A big shoutout goes to Paul Chua. Thanks dude! I never could have managed. He offered to help with my layout even without me asking. (Or he probably thought my site was so pathetic. Haha.)

[If you're reading this, thanks again! I think I can manage with the other stuff now.]


( 12:07 AM )

Okay. I give up. I've been doing this for around five hours now.

I can't freaking do my own layout. This sucks.

I've a backache now. Argh.

I swear. I'm gonna conquer you someday, CSS.


{/Sugar Rush
5.11.2007 ( 6:07 PM )

Okay. This isn't a proper blog entry. I just found this posted on Pia Magalona's Multiply.

Just thought it was cute. And soooo true. This is probably the best advice to receive about guys.

Only a lot of things here are learned the hard way. :( I do hope I learned at my first try at "love". Not that I'm bitter or anything, but even if you've gotten over the person, the things that you've learned are gonna stay with you through the rest of your life.

I hope they do. :)



5.10.2007 ( 2:55 PM )

So this is my first blog entry. Why did I decide to put up a blog anyway?

You guessed it: boredom. Though I'm having summer classes, things are still boring.

Or maybe I just don't want to do things I'm supposed to do.

Anyway, I'm here at an aunt's place in QC. I guess I'll be staying here for the next sem too. I just love it here, my aunt saved me the hassle of looking for a boarding house - or dorm - or apartment - for me to stay in when the regular sem comes.

Yeah, I love it here. I sort of even like it here more than at home. 1)They've got DSL, 2)they've got a landline (two actually), 3)there's a guitar, a violin, and a piano here (not that I'm very good at any of those instruments, but I might actually learn to be!), and 4)the freedom! I'm totally loving this lack of parental supervision. My mom's off to Bicol with my aunt who owns this place, my dad's there in Rizal, and all I have here are my two cousins and their maid. My cousins are grownups but not too grown up to be KJs.

My summer's not that wasted after all. I'm actually enjoying my Socio 11 class, with all my cool classmates and cool prof. Only I didn't realize that today is the last day for dropping subjects. Not that I'm thinking of dropping (what the hell? This is my ONLY subject this summer!) but it hasn't come to me that summer term really is.. so short.

Now that I've touched on academics, I wanted to give myself a clear view of what's in store for my Socio class..instead of a final exam, we're gonna have a debate. That's going to be on the 18th. I'm supposed to be working on it now, but here you go. And we have an exam on the 15th, after the senatorial and local elections (no classes that day, May 14, Monday).

Okay. I should read that real often.

Anyway, I'm not feeling anything really strong or significant right now, so there's not really much I can write about. That's what fuels my writing. Emotions.

I'll come back later (define later). It's cloudy outside. Good, I can use the cold air.