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6.28.2007 ( 6:40 PM )

Oh yeah. Finally. This six weird things about me thing. Got tagged by Bea.

Rules (I so hate rules): people who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own with 6 weird things, as well as state the rules clearly. in the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. don’t forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog post.

Before I start my list, I'd like to point out that these things are those that I think are strange. We all have different notions of weird, meaning there may be things about me that other people might consider weird but I don't, because that's just who I am.

Oh whatever. Here it goes.

1. I tend to complicate my life. I tend to make problems out of seemingly normal situations (see paragraph above for example). A friend once told me: E hindi naman yun problema, ba't mo pinoproblema?

2. I used to keep mementos of past events, such as receipts, blister packs of tablets, ticket stubs, and table napkins from restos. And letters - I still have today those letters from our open forum way back in high school, sophomore year. That makes it four years now. Hahaha.

3. Once, I've fallen asleep in the shower. And I mean while taking a shower, with the water running and all.

4. I am a pluralist and yet an idealist. Not somewhere in between the continuum of these two, but I can be an extreme pluralist at one point and an extreme idealist at another point. But I'd rather drift to the pluralist side. Idealists suck.

5. I love to doodle out my stress. That might not sound weird at all but I'd like to add that I doodle on tissue paper, on book margins, readings, and of course on my school notebook. You'd see it littered with emo-bashing and lyric fragments from songs which reflect my mood that moment.

6. I hate, detest, despise, loathe the color pink. They say it's common for girls to lurve this color, but I just don't. And I am a girl, in case you're in doubt.

Done! And following in Paul Chua's footsteps: I tag no one.


Changed my LSS. Now it's Sweet Soul Revue by Pizzicato Five. It's some sort of bubblegum j-pop (yeah, bubblegum pop! And it's actually playing in my head!) way back from the nineties, I think. I heard Wawel singing this sometime before, then it just stuck. I actually uploaded it to my Multiply.

I know you're laughing at me. I am too. Hahaha. Just lemme do my thing.

kesa hajimete
kagami wo mite
ki ga tsuita no
anata ni koi shiteru no
anata ni koi shiteru no

omekashi shite
doko e yuku no?
so anata ni
ai ni yuku no yo
baby machi wa itsumo parade
baby dakara tsuite iko yo

yo no naka ni wa
sweet ya
catchy ga ippai aru yo ne
hoho hozuri shitakunaru desho

hora revue ga hajimaru
hora okurenaide ne
hora revue ga hajimaru
hora wasurenaide ne

tabun kyo wa
watashi wo mite
ki ga tsuku hazu
anata mo koi shiterutte
watashi ni koi shiterutte

terebi de mita
furui eiga
musical no
revue mitai ne
baby machi wa itsumo parade
baby hora ne kikoeru desho

yo no naka ni wa
happy ya
lucky ga ippai aru yo ne
hoho hozuri
shitakunaru desho

hora revue ga hajimaru
hora okurenaide ne
hora revue ga hajimaru
hora wasurenaide ne

yo no naka ni wa
sweet ya
catchy ga
ippai aru hazu
parade ni
ame nante furasenaide
yo no naka ni
happy mo
lucky mo
zenzen nakutemo
anata to nara
hoho hozuri shitakunaru desho
hozuri shitakunaru desho

hora revue ga hajimaru
hora okurenaide ne
hora revue ga hajimaru
hora wasurenaide ne


Oooh. Not just backache today. Got a slight headache too. Rawr.


Anata ni koi shiteru no..

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{/Define Later.
6.27.2007 ( 3:15 PM )

I'm running out of things to talk about lately. Not much activity.

Hmm. Apart from us turning one month last week (20 June). Hehe. Am not spilling details! :)

Oh yeah. I just remembered. It seemed I got up on the wrong side of the bed this Monday, things turned out all wrong. It started when I accidentally cut my own thumb. By a razor. It was lying on the floor of the closet. I was rummaging through the closet when my right hand dived and my thumb met the razor's piercing blades. It bled like hell. And I really mean hell.

The pain of my thumb kept my whole right hand pretty useless the rest of that day. Grrr.

Next was the rude cab driver. I need not explain.

Then my headset wasn't working properly. I truly truly hate Motorola.

Then I got dizzy and went to the lib to sleep.



I met up with former Socio classmates MJ and Ana yesterday. MJ also tagged along a friend of hers, Tal. We bought time and space (hahaha) at the SM North Starbucks, which I had no idea was existent until yesterday. I've been patronizing Seattle's Best and UCC coffee all this time I've been to that mall.

I tried out their new blend called Azuki. Freaking pricey (relatively), P145 for a tall one. I could've bought a venti of another drink. It doesn't taste anything special though, and I prefer it cream-based to coffee-based. Tal hated it. She took maybe three sips and decided the flavor sucked, and actually handed it over to streetkids outside the mall. Streetkids drinking Starbs coffee? Holy shit.

Another thing. I couldn't get what the tagline on the Azuki promotion poster meant. It said something like, "Have you ever tasted a daydream?"

We went to Mango afterwards. Discount galore, up to half the price! Damn. I suddenly wished that I hadn't wasted my money on two weird Azukis. I found graphic tees, a black cardigan and a black racerback which made my hair stand on end. Maybe it was a bad idea to be with girls whom you share the same passion with (in this case it's clothes), we were all feeling emo over the fact that we can't score a good find. Sizes are sooooo limited. We all agreed that it was such a discriminatory act against petites (like moi!!!) who have to literally turn the store upside down just to find their size. In most instances, I don't find what i want. Grrr. And the fact that everything (almost) was on sale makes the situation all the more frustrating.

They were right. A girl's behavior when shopping is something that the opposite sex just won't understand. Hahaha.


I have a new perpetual LSS: New Found Glory's cover of The Glory of Love.

Tonight it's very clear/As we're both lying here/There's so many things I wanna say/I will always love you/I will never leave you alone/Sometimes I just forget/Say things I might regret/It breaks my heart to see you crying/I don't wanna lose you/I could never make it alone/'Cuz I am the man/Who will fight for your honor/I'll be the hero/That you're dreaming of/We're gonna live forever/Knowing together that we/Did it all for the glory of love/You keep me standing tall/You help me through it all/I'm always strong when you're beside me/I have always needed you/I could never make it alone/'Cuz I am the man/Who will fight for your honor/I'll be the hero/That you're dreaming of/We're gonna live forever/Knowing together that we/Did it all for the glory of love/It's like a knight in shining armor/From a long time ago/Just in time I'll save the day/Take you to my castle far away/I am the man/Who will fight for your honor/I'll be the hero/That you're dreaming of/We're gonna live forever/Knowing together that we/Did it all for the glory of love..

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6.26.2007 ( 2:23 PM )

My page has been sitting idly for weeks now.

But I'm not updating it yet. Maybe later. I'm leaving in a while to get some coffee. :)


{/This is embarrassing.
6.17.2007 ( 10:10 PM )

Okay, I admit it. Friday night was just the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Because it is so, no details here. I just wanted to give a shoutout to everybody who took me as a bit of their responsibility that night. Special thanks to Steph, Rhan, and Tin.

And the person who deserves the most credits - Paul. As always. Thanks.


As I've predicted, it's a Spurs sweep. Hahaha.


First class tomorrow's 10AM. Gotta catch up on readings (really! I'm trying hard not to slack off). See you.

Good luck on your first day tomorrow. :)

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{/Hitler heart Machiavelli.
6.13.2007 ( 6:01 PM )

I'm on a high again today.

In chronological order: firstly, the NBA finals are now 0-3. In favor of the Spurs. Today's game was a close shave already for them at 75-72. The Cavs seem to be banking on their homecourt advantage during the first quarter, and I was sure the Spurs triumvirate wasn't working well. I was about to take back everything I said about the Cavs on my last post, but then again the Spurs proved themselves.

But still, so many people are rooting for the Cavs. Hmm.

Sorry Cavs fans. I can't help bragging. Haha.

Second. Paul cooked adobo for me! He brought it for our lunch today. His dish was great (really!) for a newbie.

Looking forward to your sinigang. :)

Third. My mom's approved of my Friday night out. Haha pathetic. I am excited.

There's an All Flip Flops outlet at TriNoma! And Stoked! OD.

Two highschool friends of mine (I'm not sure if it's okay to mention their names! Haha.) saw me and Paul there today, at TimeZone. Why did you guys not call me? Haha.

Backache's kicked in. See you around.


PS I still sound like my highschool sports ed self. I guess I miss the paper after all.

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{/Butterflies in the Stomach.
6.12.2007 ( 3:58 PM )

Wow. It brings me here again. After quite a period of time.

Crash course on what I've been up to after my last post: I went to the islands of Visayas for a one-week vacation. We left Manila for Tacloban on Sunday (27 May) and got back the next Sunday (3 June). I was with my mum. To think that we went to a place chock-full of my Dad's relatives.

My stay there was like an epiphany. A strange sense of belonging just washed over me. I couldn't understand what they were saying half the time (hell no. MOST of the time!) but there you go.

Okay. I know I'm starting to sound weird. But then this experience was anything but ordinary. It helped that I deliberately deprived myself of an internet connection and the other sorts of luxuries we have here in the city. Of course the mobile's not one of em - it's a necessity, not a luxury. Hahaha.

Words would actually spoil it, so I'm not dishing much. :)


It was start of the general reg the day right after I came back to Manila. But that Monday wasn't very productive since my college doesn't give out form5As to non-freshmen and non-graduating studes. I had to come back a few times after that day and yet I didn't manage to get past my pre-enlisted 9 units worth of subjects. It was tiring as hell.

The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can't see at all.
And even if I could it'd all be gray
But your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad,
It's not so bad.

But on second thought, not. No regrets at all. Thanks.


Can you believe it? I got a 2.0 in Socio. A high final grade for someone who just slacked off the whole summer.

Okay, I did not just slack off. I really learned a thing or two, but I did come short of the requirements (got lazy, sorry).


The whole week I was in Samar (and Leyte), I had no news at all about the NBA Playoffs. That's why I was utterly surprised when I got back and learned that it's San Antonio vs Cleveland in the finals. The Cavs was a no-namer before. Lebron James must have been one hell of a player this season. It just shocked me more to learn that the Cavs' last rival before the finals were the Pistons. Detroit should have won, they'd make for better competition against the Spurs in the finals.

There's been two games so far, and it's 2-0 in favor of the Spurs. Which was kinda what I expected. Hello?! Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili? Against who? The single force of Lebron James?

To be fair to the Cavs, they put up fairly well with the Spurs so far. They managed to draw a 29-pt lead down to nine points..too bad they seem to have come to their senses only during the fourth quarter.


No other sport ever gets my adrenaline pumping like this. Even if I'm just a spectator.

Game 3 is tomorrow. Cavs homecourt.


Bea tagged me. I'm supposed to post six weird things about me, then tag a few people just like what she did.

If ever you read this, Bea..tinatamad pa ko eh. Peace. :p


It is hot in here.


My cousins are having a movie marathon. Guess what they're watching? 300 and Shooter.

Haha. Wala lang. I just remembered something.


Pon and Zi. You rock. Amazing artwork, Azuzephre.

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