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10.30.2007 ( 6:20 PM )






{/PALS goes to Romblon and Bora!
10.27.2007 ( 3:27 PM )

We've already gone there and back, and the fact still takes so long to sink in.

Romblon and Bora! Woot!

PALS Execom in Bora

Hoping to get a nice tan

I posted pics on my multiply. :)

I love PALS! Even without the tequila. ;p



{/mischief. mayhem. soap.
10.16.2007 ( 1:09 AM )

tyler durden is gonna miss me when i die.

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

yes, i haven't gotten over fight club yet.



10.13.2007 ( 12:20 AM )

after a full week of nonstop sleepless nights, i'm suddenly skidding to a stop.

just the report for psych on monday and i'm all done. hello sembreak.

i can hardly believe the sem's over. almost.

i wonder how i'm supposed to get my sleeping habits back to normal. this past week i've been going to bed the hour other people are already getting up. no kidding. no exaggeration. i probably look awful.

saying it's stressful is a freaking underestimation. i am totally grateful to my three best friends who kept me sane all throughout my hell week, which i call the big C's: coffee, cigarettes, and concealer. i was on a tight budget though so i drank homemade brewed coffee, smoked cheap P2/stick cigarettes and applied cheap concealer under my eyes.

i got a telling from paul the other day when i told him about them things, suggesting that i change those C's to chocolates, concealer, and castro instead. hahahaha. i guess the castro part's perpetual, it's way more important than my big C's. :)

yes, i admit that all of this stress and pressure probably stems from procrastination. i've been slacking off when i had lots of free time, hell, i was even COMPLAINING about the lack of things to do. wrong.

on other days, i would've thought,
hey, where's the fun in being such a straight arrow? but i couldn't, this time it sucked, it totally did. three major papers due the day after tomorrow and i haven't even started? it was a freaking nightmare. i would never dream of doing that again. i seriously have to reconsider my study habits and review my priorities. i am so slacking off and this is gonna get me nowhere.

if i would fail in my undertakings (and i surely hope not the major ones) i'm gonna take all responsibility. no excuses like i got bad grades because my orgs invaded too much of my time, because the prof was, like, einstein, those kinds of bullshit.

it's time to get my act together, i owe too many things to too many people. and above all to myself. but i don't want to take things for granted. no. no. no.

i don't mean that i haven't any room for failure, sometimes it's when you fail that you learn the biggest lessons. i just wanted to make sure that if i do, i don't have any regrets because i know that i gave what i could and did what i think was best.

this is probably what true independence means to me. not moving out of your parents' place, not getting your own paycheck to support yourself with. it's taking responsibility for your actions and upholding your own ideals, to hell with what other people say. we don't always need to reach a compromise with other people and still have healthy relationships with them.

i hope i'd get there someday.


this is what this damn week has done to me: hardcore thinking about thinking to the point of ranting shit like this on a public blog. my sincerest apologies. i suddenly hoped this was a requirement, an academic paper. i had written too much.

tengenuh. i need a break from the PC for at least a week.

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{/I Know It's Time.
10.10.2007 ( 1:02 AM )

Quoted from The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason:

Strange thing, time. It weighs most on those who have it least. Nothing is lighter than being young with the world on your shoulders; it gives you a feeling of possibility so seductive, you know there must be something more important you could be doing than studying for exams.

Can't be truer for college kids during hell weeks.

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10.03.2007 ( 6:57 PM )

Shit. I'm in blogger? Again? I should be doing something else. Lots of something elses. Parang si Gollum lang. Haha.

Anyhow, I read at some blog about UP getting the top prize at this year's cheerdance competition and yet bano sila sa UAAP.

For everyone's benefit, most especially for those who aren't aware, sa men's basketball lang bano ang UP. Champs na ang swimming team. The Lady Maroons naman lost to the Lady Eagles in basketball sa championships, pero hindi bano. And the list goes on. We actually have a healthy chance of getting into the top contenders (kung wala pa).

Ang yabang ko nanaman. Haha.

Ay. Shet. Gotta get my ass moving.



10.02.2007 ( 12:07 PM )

I think I'll be saying goodbye to a few things this week:

Goodbye Juvie Hall. Our trips to Molave (the juvenile delinquent detainment facility) have now come to a close. Only lately I've realized that I've been visiting them kids not just for the credit hours, but for the experience itself as well. I haven't really developed an attachment for them or the institution. It's just that it served as some sort of reality-checker for me that I was indeed lucky I didn't end up being one of them. Imagine having to celebrate your eighteenth birthday in jail..it made me appreciate my blessings all the more.

Goodbye high marks in Psych101. Of all requirements, the one I couldn't satisfy was the no-brainer. I'm short on the credit hours for participation in experiments. Credit sheets are due on Friday, and the chance that I could walk into some experiment til Friday is thisclose to zero. Sayang.

Goodbye to standoffish apathetic attitude. Pahirapan mag-recruit. Dammit. Argh. Can't spill though. The fever's rising soon.

I thought I hated figurative language.


Congratulations to me for dressing up this blog. Goodbye blogskins, hello new template! I heart Pannasmontata! :)


Am currently hooked on Bamboo's second album Light Peace Love.

All these years, I never really knew what love is
I found you
I found you.

PS DC's new album's out now!

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