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2.21.2008 ( 7:04 AM )


Just finsihed my take-home midterm exam.

Oops, wrong. I wasn't able to finish it pala. There were gaping holes I didn't even attempt to patch up. Walang polishing. Haha mediocrity.

Still, better incomplete than zero. Ang hirap kaya gawan ng application with concrete examples, around 20 theories/models yun. In just one week. To think na hindi lang naman yun ang subject ko, and acads is not a sole commitment.

I keep on getting the feeling that this prof of mine is deliberately piling up work because it's the election period. He's just the biggest supporter of our rival party. That's why I work extra earnestly in this subject, I shouldn't give him any reason to flunk me. That means I shouldn't be slacking off.

Don't give me that look, I don't deserve that. I have not been slacking off. Would I spend all night, as in all night, not get a minute of sleep, if I were slacking off?

Of course. That's procrastination. If I haven't been slacking off I wouldn't have to resort to that. Haha labo.

Sorry sabaw lang talaga. Magagalit sakin nito si Paul eh.

What have I been up to these past few days? I attempted to work on the paper and I got real neat insights from highschool friends, one of em's from PolSc and the other's from Psych so I got a lot of inspiration. But then, 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, so they say.

Anyway. Gotta go. Got an 830am class, and I still gotta reproduce 3 copies of the paper. Adieu.

PS I cannot digest why a bag should cost eight thousand bucks. And a bag that I'm head over heels in love with at that. Adios Star, so out of season already.

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{/You Give Me Goosebumps.
2.17.2008 ( 8:45 PM )


You were actually the biggest reason why I still considered that in spite of me.

Remembering that conversation between us is enough to bring me close to tears. Your reassurances made all the difference. The idea that you would rise to the situation, and that you were willing to get my back anytime...it's just so overwhelming, considering that we disagree on many things.

But I've reached a decision, and I hope you won't get disappointed.

Thanks, Dad. I may not say it as much, but I love you.


{/Blast From The Past
2.11.2008 ( 2:04 AM )

This sure is weird. I just realized I seem to have a knack for classics/vintage stuff lately. In pop culture at least. Instead of my usual current alternative-poprock-punk-emo playlist, I've been listening to vintage mainstream. Elvis, The Beatles, Scorpions, Eagles, America, you get the picture. Plus a few ballads pa. My rents were sort of surprised when I played a CD at home with those classics which I compiled myself. They might actually start to think we're on the same wavelength. Haha.

I've also started looking for classic novels for leisurely reading. I hate this to sound so grossly intellectual but I've managed to take out Anna Karenina and Notes from Underground from the lib. I've also listed down the other books I'd like to read after I finish with those two.

Hmm. Why this paradigm shift now? I'd like to think that I'm just feeding my artsy fartsy self, being the frustrated artist that I am. Which reminds me...

I WANT A HOLGA LOMO (in red, please).

I've always been interested in creative photography (though I'd make an excuse that I never got the chance to try it myself). And I fell in love at first sight with lomography. Seeing as I can't get my hands on a LOMO now, I settled with faking a lomograph - of course, with the very useful Adobe Photoshop. Ah, the satisfaction. (See my current avatar. :D)


Roselle gave me this! Thank you, and happy hearts day in advance too. :)

I regret not being able to do my blog rounds regularly, I hardly get the time (yeah right). Hopefully I can do that more often.


Random post. NOW I GOTTA GO SLEEP. UP fair, UP fair..

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{/The World is So Unfair
2.08.2008 ( 1:14 PM )

Darn. The UP Fair week's next week na.

Monday. Loverage 2: Out Loud featuring Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, 6Cyclemind, MYMP, UPdharmadown, Itchyworms, Kitchie Nadal, Imago, Chicosci, Stonefree, Moonstar88, Silent Sanctuary, Mayonnaise, Soapdish, Shamrock, Gloc 9, Cookie Chua, Queso, Treadstone, Blue Ketchup, Protein Shake, Ciudad, Fuse, Paraluman, Manibela, Chubibo, Tha-R, Zelle, and many more.

Tuesday. Rakestra 2008: Lost in Oblivion featuring Sandwich, Urbandub with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, 6Cycle Mind, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Moonstar88, Chicosci, Silent Sanctuary, Callalily, Hale, Imago, Mojofly, Rocksteddy, Mayonnaise, The Dawn, Slapshock, Radioactive Sago Project, Kiko Machine, Pedicab, Hilera, Pinup Girls, Ciudad, Chilitees, Taken by Cars, Cambio, Manibela, Zelle, Boy Elroy, Oi Wag D2, Bembol Rockers, The Dorques, Angulo, Too Late The Hero, Duster, Aizo, Bagetsafonik, The Ronnies, Concrete Sam, El Mercurio, Peryodiko and many more.

Wednesday. Rock-Love-An Sandaan: Kami N'APO Ulit featuring Sugarfree, Spongecola, Typecast, Callalily, Silent Sanctuary, Urbandub, Barbie Almalbis, Imago, 6cyclemind, Itchyworms, Hale, Greyhoundz, Proteinshake, Pedicab, Kjwan, Soapdish, Stonefree, Mayonnaise, Fuse, Mojofly, RockSteddy, ChicoSci, Check, Melanie, Hilera, VinceNoir, Paraluman, Manibela, Ciudad, Blue Ketchup, and many more.

Thursday. Sisfire6: A Full Blast Love Affair featuring Kamikazee, Urbandub, Rivermaya, Sugarfree, Chicosci, Imago, Stonefree, Up Dharma Down, Mojofly, Radioactive Sago Project, Silent Sanctuary, Juana, Giniling Festival, Moonstar 88, Chubibo, Session Road, Purple Chickens, Pumping Pluto, Salamin, Tragic Comic, Dalandan Soda, Jeebus, Hija, Blue Boy Bites Back, Ksscrew, Gatecrash with Nadia, Candelabra, Falling at Zero Degrees, PDI and many more.

Friday. I dunno..some USC-sponsored event.

Satuday. Eufairia: 100 Years at the Edge of Sanity featuring Urbandub, The Dawn, Pupil, Slapshock, Kjwan, Queso, Greyhoundz, Chicosci, Kiko Machine, Stonefree, Acel, Sugarfree, Moonstar 88, Mojofly, Paramita, Hilera, Cambio, Chubibo, Giniling Festival, Datu's Tribe, The Wudz, The Jerks, Radioactive Sago Project, Aizo, Cathexis, Sunflower Day Camp, Threadstone, Fuse, Ursaminor, Nycty Nasty, Kampai, and many more.

Tickets @ Php85. All-week long.


PA111 midterm exam.

Saturday. Second long exam in Accounting.

Waaaah. Noooo. Please. I CANNOT miss the centennial fair. Even just one night. Just one night.


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{/Bystander Apathy
2.04.2008 ( 1:25 AM )

Me and my orgmates were bored one afternoon so we resorted to massive camwhoring.

I really liked how this one shot turned out, so I went full speed ahead..

..and made it oh-so-emo. Which is my current headshot in Multiply. :D

Disclaimer: Hindi ako emo. Sorry.



{/Utot Mo Moto.
2.01.2008 ( 1:07 AM )

My MotoRazr v3x gave up on me quite recently. It's been out of condition for months and months now, but I refused to get a replacement then.

First was the outer screen. It's supposed to have some power-saving function, because it's the one that lights up when you shut the phone. Since it's smaller than the real screen, I use that for checking the time, messages, missed calls, manage the mp3 player and so on without actually flipping open the phone. And that saves battery time if you tend to do those things real often. But as I was saying, it just stopped working one day. It doesn't light up when I close the phone. Then I realized it doesn't even seem to know that I closed it, because the internal screen's still working even if it's closed. That must be the syndrome Moto flip phones have that I've been warned of.

Next was the camera! Darrrrrn. I was so frustrated when this happened, as I was the camwhore type but didn't bring a cam to school or anywhere. 2.0MP wasn't bad at all, plus it's got an internal VGA cam to boot. The stream of memories I've been trying to capture was brought to an end. For the duration of the camphone's life, at least. Oh yes I am so freaking sentimental over this.

I also noticed these bouts of weirdness when it just restarts on its own, as in no outside intervention or anything. Episodes of blackouts were also common. I couldn't access a feature, say the videocam, because the screen just blacks out and I can't turn it off using the power button. Meaning, I had to crack it open and pull out the battery to cut power and turn it off. Then I'd put it back and turn it on all over again. Great.

The most recent of the misadventures of my dear mobile phone was when its processing slowed down during normal operation. AS IN IT JUST SLOWED DOWN. No one of my friends wanted to use it if they needed to text or whatever, it was so freaking slow. But then I got used to it eventually.

So at that point in time, I've been using the v3x mainly for texting and calling purposes only. I stopped using the mp3 player already since my earphones went out long long ago and I didn't bother to get a new one, and the speaker was so awful already, probably the result of being dropped/subjected to shock/handled inappropriately for quite a number of times. To cap it off, not even a year has passed but it looked like a ruin already because of the reason/s cited above. The smooth rubbery coating on the face plate was peeling off, and a new face plate cost two thousand freaking pesos. No, thanks.

And then, one day, I was trying to turn it on. But it simply wouldn't budge. It's like it was telling me that I ought to forgive the poor thing and let it rest, as it fell into a state of a disrepair after only a relatively short period of time. And I never cared to have it fixed.

Minutes ago, before I started typing this entry, I was updating my sim contacts as I am now using a cheapskate phone I scavenged somewhere here. I managed to make the v3x work for one last time, just so I can transfer my phone contacts to the PC (the sim card couldn't hold any more). BOY IT WAS TEDIOUS. I hope Moto came up with software that can export my contacts properly to an Address Book file. CSV would be even better. The one that Moto has doesn't offer options for editing like if there are duplicates. So some of the numbers in my phone book got written over. Hay. How am I supposed to recover all of them?

If I ever do get a new phone soon (I do hope so. Haha), this is what I shall keep in mind: