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{/Hate Mail
3.24.2008 ( 8:58 PM )

Damnit. Mapapa-blog ako ng wala sa oras.

At the class' last meeting last week, I told you to contact me so we could split the labor for the final paper. I waited and waited. The holy week came and went, still no word from you. I decided to SMS you myself, I never got a reply.

Until this morning, when you asked me if I can do the paper myself because you don't have a PC at home.

What the hell were you thinking? It's supposed to be submitted tomorrow!

I am so seriously pissed off. I have final exams this week. That isn't my only subject, FYI. Plus I have other responsibilities that have due dates as well. Tangina naman oh.

I might have spared you this degree of wrath had you told me earlier. I'll do all the freaking work, okay, but do tell me in advance! Be reasonable! It's due tomorrow, as in freaking tomorrow and you're only telling me today? This isn't some three-page reaction paper, but something much more elaborate, with conceptual and theoretical framework, scope and delimitation, objectives and such. The nerve!

When I asked why you're only telling me now, what'd you say? You were loadless.

Tangina, naiinsulto talaga ko. HOW LAME CAN YOUR EXCUSE GET? Hindi mo man lang pinag-isipan ng mabuti yung alibi mo sakin. Punyeta.

I am so infuriated that smoke would have gushed out of my ears if it could. Were you counting on the fact that we knew each other from high school, you thought that I'd just shrug this off while I'm doing the paper? I'm no f*cking doormat. We were friends, I was expecting more from you! You are one self-centered tactless insensitive parasite. I can't think of anything mean enough to hurt you. Damn.


So I tried to cool myself down and agreed. There will be a time for bitching when all of this is over. So you told me you'd email the content right away. That was around 2:30PM.

It is 9:30PM now, seven hours later, AND THE FREAKING THING STILL ISN'T IN MY MAIL. Will you send it already! Ohmigod, I had no idea such a person could piss me off so much in a day.


Grow up, bitch. You are so f*cking inconsiderate.

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3.14.2008 ( 12:13 AM )

A shot from the best movie I've ever seen. ;)


I shall go into hardcore acad mode for the next two weeks. Papers and exams, I shall conquer you.

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{/Lost Touch
3.06.2008 ( 11:23 PM )


It's been eons. Schedules for commitments have been real tight lately - with all the ton of acad work, the election period, and me getting grounded pa..haha. I am so sorry not being able to pay as much attention as before to this poor thing and the blogging realm in general.

Rundown rundown. Oh yeah, we had the university and local college student council elections this Tuesday, and ohmigod as in super ohmigod it's a PALS sweep! My party's slate took over the whole council, every single position for the undergrads. I wasn't supposed to be out late but I snuck out to watch the canvassing. We were all on tenterhooks as the last of the ballots were tallied in. My eyes never left the whiteboard, my ears pricked for every word Electoral Board member Ma'am Cabo announced.

After that came the realization that all of our candidates made it! Hindi man lang close fight. Haha. Tears of joy flooded and screams of victory erupted from every corner of the college where there was a PALS member. I wanted so badly to join the immediate celebration at the headquarters afterwards but I had to go home na. :(


Oh well. The elections are over, it's time for intense focus on acads. Last week of acads next week, then the holy week, then finals week. I'm getting used to my awful eyebags since my hell month's started a few weeks ago. Darrrn.


I finally got to give Paul my long-overdue Christmas and birthday gift for him.

I fell in love with these Ltd Ed Batman Oval Havaianas too. It was worth all the trouble I went through (had it shipped from the US). He was so reluctant to wear it because it was from a limited edition collection, plus ako pa daw yung nagbigay, so nag-multiply pa daw yung value.

Aww, you gotta love em. Sana naman isuot niya. Hehe.


PS I found that Holga Lomo in Rockwell! Sa Archaelology, sa tabi ng Analog Soul. I didn't ask for the price though. :D

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