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{/Yes Peeking
4.21.2008 ( 11:36 PM )

Ooh, blog! I missed you i missed you i missed you.

So here I am again blogging the night away instead of burying my head in Plato's The Republic. I managed to enlist myself in one class (SocSci 2) and a PE (Scuba Diving) this summer. Oh, Stat, I shall conquer you next sem..

SocSci2 is all about social, economic and political thought. At least the course title says so. We'll be discussing stuff about Plato and Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Augustine, John Locke and the empiricists, Machiavelli, Karl Marx and a whole bunch of other guys.

Sounds boring? I dunno, I've been into this sort of thing ever since I took Philo 1 in my freshman year. Contrary to boring, I actually find this subject matter interesting. So I was confident that I'd do okay.

Until I found out who my prof was. The stereotypical terror prof..oldies with nasty tempers barking out crazy demands and scaring the hell out of weak-kneed students. Considering I've taken Miranda, I daresay the terrorest of all them terror profs, I don't find my SocSci prof tantamount to him in terms of, you know, scaring ability. Nevertheless she definitely isn't the kind of person you'd like to mess with. For example, she gives out surprise quizzes about material that has been taken up, is being taken up, and has yet to be taken up. Cool, eh? I remember the recent quiz on Greek mythology I probably flunked.

That being said, I should go back to Plato.

But not after I'm done with this. XD

So anyway, I'm also taking a scuba class. Yea, as in scuba diving! The nerve of me, I couldn't even tread properly. Our class meets at some sort of dive pool outside campus (the school pool's prolly too shallow for diving).

Practicum every meeting. This afternoon we had this super underwater exercise, like on the floor of the 12ft pool. Our instructors' lectures really teach me a lot, but it's still different when you're the one down there. It's fun yet scary at the same time; and I learn a lot of practical stuff through experience. Although I thought on more than one occasion that I was going to drown. I can't swim, please please spare me. Hehe.

Had I not taken this PE, I wouldn't have known I was capable of lifting a 30-odd kg of equipment on my back. Eh halos kasing bigat ko na yun ah. Seriously, the moment they placed the whole thing on my back, I only wanted to throw myself into the water so I'd float almost effortlessly. But then we went underwater and I had to wrestle down the air tank for a safety exercise. I didn't think that's effortless anymore. Haha. Plus my fins kept on getting in the way! I had too much trouble on navigation because it suddenly seemed as if my feet had a will of their own. I swear they wouldn't freaking cooperate. So it took me ages to ascend with my supposedly unconcsious diving buddy sprawled on the pool floor.

I don't know everybody in my scuba class, but I'm cool with them, those whom I know and don't know. It's a place where strangers share regulators (I seriously hope no one got HIV), combs, toiletries, stuff like that. Plus the instructors are cool.

I have the feeling I would have loved this PE if only I knew how to swim (properly, that is). Or is it too early to tell?


I recently watched Trainspotting (1996), and I liked liked liked it! The realism of low-life Edinburgh and the tragedy of the corrupted youth.

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

Pati ba naman sa movie counterpart, underage pa rin ako? Pfft.

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{/Random Summer Rantfest
4.09.2008 ( 12:39 PM )

Wrong grammar in all the wrong places, bear with me.

I made like Serena van der Woodsen and had a self-imposed exile..to the internet, that is.

Parang na-time space warp ako, ewan ko ba. Thought it would take hell to freeze over for the second sem to end. All of a sudden, it's over. I still had the hangover from it all last week, so I thought going on hiatus would do me some good.

If it actually did, who knows?

I got a few theories about me being workaholic-ish.

Theory A. I look for stuff to do so I would be so busy that there'd be no time for me to contemplate about my life, because there are days that I just feel so frustrated. (Ohyes, the days.)

Theory B. I messed with my priorities.

Theory C. I feel the need to prove what I'm capable of doing, to what extent.

Theory D. I'm scared that I'd lose heart in what I'm involved in if I go too lenient. A mid-life crisis of sorts in the making.

Okay, apat lang pala.

I am currently in a weird state of mind right now - confused, hopeless, tired, none too positive. Things have been haywire at home and it makes me want to leave and let off some steam (read: not run away, that's so highschool). What to do, what to do.

On a positive note, I haven't touched cigs for more than a week now. Way to go? I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms though. Haha.

At times like this, I think of those people who were with me since then til now, and I feel a little less..weird (not lonely eh, I dunno how else to describe it). I am every bit grateful.

Oh well. I better go out and get a life.

Oh wait, I can't, cuz I'll be taking summer classes and I got org work to do.

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